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Retention Animations

Retention Animations

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Engaging animations and sound effects that keep your viewers hooked so they won’t click or swipe away. While everyone is fighting for each other's attention on social media, these simple animations help the viewer be hooked to your educational content. And creators, television shows, and even documentaries have used animations to keep viewers’ attention for decades. These modern animations highlight what is right, wrong, and important about what you are talking about. These animations have helped videos get over a million views on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Retention Animations are designed in a clean and modern style to complement the modern editing style of today’s content. Increase your video’s watch time, which is the most important metric so that the algorithm pushes your video out to more viewers. Stop spending hours on content and end up with boring and static videos that don't hook people. Look like a top creator in a couple of minutes by adding animations and sound effects from the Retention Pack.

This pack includes:

* 30+ unique animations

* Black and white circle animations included

* Paper Overlays and Transitions

* Trendy Moving Backgrounds

* Arrows, check mark, X, Graphs and many more assets

* Text Elements to Easily Add behind Text for increased visibility

* .Wav File Sound Effects

Easily change the color of the animations

Easily drag and drop in your editing software of choice

Animations are pre-keyed with NO background

Simply download the emailed .zip file when bought. Unzip file. Start editing better content!

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